Graduate Students

With currently have ten active faculty in theoretical chemistry, the UCI chemistry graduate program is one of the top destinations for theory-minded students from all over the world. Our program offers a graduate track in theoretical chemistry, which includes a variety of elective and special topics courses. Or, if you like theoretical chemistry but prefer a PhD in Physics, you can join UCI’s interdisciplinary ChaMP program. All students in good academic standing will be fully supported throughout their graduate career at UCI.

Getting a PhD in our group means that you will become a developer of electronic structure methods, in addition to being an expert user. A significant fraction of our alumni move on to academic positions, but there is also a growing need for theoretical chemists in government and industry, including large chemical and software companies.

All graduate students need to apply to the Department’s graduate program. International students may apply as well but should be aware of the additional language requirements for TA eligibility (which is required for full support). Previous research experience in theoretical chemistry is recommended but not required. Please contact Professor Furche if you have any questions.

Undergraduate Students

Are you a UCI undergraduate looking for research experience in theoretical chemistry (Chem 180)? If you like quantum mechanics and want to know why it matters for understanding chemistry, then you’re in the right spot. You don’t need to be majoring in chemistry, but basic knowledge in quantum mechanics and physical chemistry is highly recommended and experience with UNIX would be really helpful. Please see Professor Furche during office hours for details.

We also have attractive opportunities for undergraduate research internships during the summer. Check out UCI’s REU Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program first. This prestigious program offers a $4000 stipend, free on-campus housing, a travel allowance for outside students and many other benefits. You will work on a well-defined project in one of our research areas. One completed course in quantum chemistry, e.g. Chem 137 (or a similar course when you are applying from outside UCI), or previous research experience in theoretical/computational chemistry is recommended but not required. Students from underrepresented minorities or economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply. UCI students should consider applying for a UROP fellowship.


With lots of resources for postdocs, almost unlimited opportunities for collaborations on campus or in the area, our group offers a highly supportive environment for starting an independent academic career. We periodically have postdoctoral openings, but applications are welcome at any time. A PhD in theoretical chemistry and previous experience in method development is required. Please use UCI’s online application system to apply at (Job #JPF02539) and include your CV, a list of your publications, and at least two references. Email applications are no longer accepted.

The University of California, Irvine, is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer committed to excellence through diversity.